There seems to be holiday gift guides for every type of person. Whether you’re a sports fan, wine connoisseur, or a film enthusiast, there’s a gift guide that aligns right with your needs. What about those of us who love all things cleaning related? As the cleaning industry experts, we’re here to help. Cleaning gifts don’t have to be boring, in fact, there are a lot of very beneficial, environmentally friendly gifts you could give to your cleaning conscious friend. Of course, we did manage to slip in some silly options as well. For the days in between your Maid Brigade cleanings, consider some of these items to help around the house.

1.Microfiber Cloths: These colorful, environmentally friendly cleaning cloths are durable and work for a variety of surfaces.

2.Pet Hair Remover: We love our furry family members, but sometimes their shedding is more noticeable than the furniture itself.

3.Microfiber Slippers: Double Duty! Keep your feet cozy and catch any excess dust while walking around the house.

4.Microwave Steam Cleaner: For under $5, this product will take care of the lasagna explosion that occurred in the microwave last night. Plus, it disinfects with vinegar!

5.Stylish Mini Broom/Dustpan Set: Stores neatly and fits nicely into your very chic, modern home theme.

Give the gift of clean this holiday season. Maid Brigade provides house cleaning services for homes across the country. Get in touch with your local Maid Brigade office here!