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Keeping A Healthy Beautiful Lawn

For the past few years I have spent countless hours trying to make my lawn look beautiful and I think all the hard work has finally paid off! 

Here are some eco-friendly tips that I follow to keep my lawn lush and green during the beautiful warm weather season:

Believe it or not, I use electric tools when tending to my lawn and landscaping.  I save alot of money this way because I don’t have to buy gas for my equipment. 

Through trial and error, I realized that the correct mowing height of a lawn is probably one of the most important steps in maintaining a healthy lawn. Your lawn mower blade should take only about one third of the length of the grass off each time you mow.

As we all know, watering a lawn helps grass grow deeper roots and helps prevent drought.  Watering your lawn early in the morning seems to be the best time to water so less moisture evaporates throughout hot days.

Pesticides are all very toxic to some degree which is why I stay clear away from them.  Pesticides can harm pets and children, and can interfere with the ecological balance in our yards by killing off  worms, which are needed.

Learn to compost your grass clippings.  The Environmental Protection Agency showed in 2011 that 27 percent of landfills were filled with grass clippings and waste from yards.  Composting your grass clippings can reduce this number tremendously. 

Do you have any tips on how to keep your lawn looking beautiful?  Share them with us! 



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