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Keeping Your Home Germ-Free

We know by now that proper hand washing and drying is one of the most important ways to reduce your risk of contracting and spreading colds and the flu virus, but what about your home?  It is also very important to keep surfaces and common areas in your home clean.

Remember, flu viruses can survive on surfaces for up to eight hours!

Disinfect your home by cleaning with homemade cleaning solutions that are healthier for your family and safer for the environment.

 For an all-purpose disinfectant, try using one part vinegar to two parts water solution.

If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, try mixing two cups of distilled water with one and a half to three teaspoons of liquid castile soap and one teaspoon of tea tree oil to clean your home instead. 

For cleaning larger areas throughout your home, mix one half cup of borax with one gallon of hot water. Adding hydrogen peroxide (3%) solution is also a great way to disinfect.  

Stay healthy this flu season.  Wash your hands properly, and keep your home free of germs as much as possible.  These two easy preventative measures can drastically reduce the risk of infection.


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