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Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Hacks

August 06, 2018

Microfiber was developed in Japan during the 70’s for swimwear. Ten years later, European scientists found that it was the perfect fabric for cleaning due to its absorbency.  By the early 2000s, the microfiber industry had exploded.  Even though microfiber has been around for decades, there are many who have yet to try cleaning with microfiber tools. Take a look at all you can do with microfiber – it’s worth the investment!

Perfect windows – There are many different types of microfiber cleaning cloths. For windows, use a fine woven microfiber. It almost looks silky.  The microfibers are very small and will leave windows perfectly clean. Dunk the cloth into hot water and wring it out well so it’s damp. Wipe it over the glass and then watch as it picks up dirt then dries perfectly without streaks or smears. Or spray the glass with water and use a dry microfiber cloth as if it’s a paper towel. Dry the glass completely and it will be free of streaks, smears and lint.

Save on paper towels – Use microfiber cloths in place of paper towels when cleaning. Microfiber is more absorbent than paper towels and better for the environment since they are reusable. Be sure to launder microfiber cloths, towels and mop heads with only other microfiber materials.

Chemical free dusting – Most spray dusting polishes leave layers of silicone on furniture. Instead, use a dry microfiber cloth to dust your furniture. Microfiber has tiny fibers that hold onto dust. It will hold onto dust and dirt particles until laundered which makes dusting much faster.

Preventing cross-contamination – Hospitals have used microfiber mops for years to prevent cross-contamination. You can use in your home for the same reason! Microfiber mops have a cover that attaches with Velcro onto the end of the mop. Once it’s dirty it can be removed and laundered. It’s like using a brand-new mop every time you clean.  No more smelly, moldy mops!

Large outdoor windows – Homeowners may struggle keeping large windows clean from salt, pollen and other outdoor elements. A damp microfiber cloth wiped over large windows will remove any salt or pollen and leave the windows looking crystal-clear.

Dusting walls – Instead of washing the walls in your home, try dusting them instead. Use a microfiber mop with a dry mop head and dust your walls in minutes. The microfiber will pick up the dust without dealing with a bucket and rag.

Ceiling fans – Have you looked at the paddles of your ceiling fan lately? Dust them quickly with a large-looped microfiber cloth. Using the dry cloth, wipe it gently over the fan paddles to pick up and remove dust. This task will takes minutes and leaves the fan dust free.

Perfect granite – If you have dark granite counter tops, you may struggle with streaks and smears from cleaning. Try using a microfiber cloth designed for glass.  Dampen the cloth and wipe over the granite to leave it looking showroom perfect!


To read more from Leslie about cleaning with microfiber, check out this blog:

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