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No More Mosquitos!

Summer weather brings mid-afternoon storms and intense heat, but do you know what else it brings?  Mosquitos!

How can you keep these uninvited guests from crashing your outdoor get-togethers?

Prevention is the best medicine.  If your property has poor drainage, puddles, or wet piles of leaves, you could be creating the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos, which multiply quickly.  To prevent these pests from taking up residence in your yard, remove standing water.  Empty flower pots, buckets and watering cans.  Sweep away puddles and get rid of standing water on your pool cover.  Keep your gutters dry and clean.  Re-slope problem areas so that the water drains properly.  Trim any overgrown grasses or foliage on your property so that the mosquitoes have no place to hide.

What about Citronella?

Although citronella has been used as bug control for a long time, it might not be as effective as we think.  If you are looking for an alternative scent with great mosquito-repelling properties, try lemon-eucalyptus oil.  Even the Center for Disease Control has listed it as a helpful repellent.  Lemon eucalyptus candles do exist but are hard to find.  Other scents that are thought to repel mosquitoes are garlic, pennyroyal, thyme, and rosemary.

How About Mosquito Nets?

There are various types of mosquito nets that can be set up on lawns, around porches or even around gazebos.  There is even a mosquito umbrella cover that can cover an entire patio set.  Mosquito nets are easy to install and are also waterproof.

Replace exterior bulbs with yellow lights.  Bugs are attracted to light.  Yellow bug lights are yellow light bulbs, similar to a regular light bulb.  The yellow color doesn’t actually repel mosquitos or other bugs, it becomes invisible to them so the bug won’t gather around them.

Maid Brigade House Cleaning Services would love to know how you ward off pesty mosquitos.  Write to us and share your tips with others!

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