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Packing for the Dorm

July 01, 2013

Spring Cleaning VisualGoing to college and moving in to the dorms can be very exciting but also stressful.  For many students, this is their first time living away from home.

Here are some things for your college-bound son or daughter to think about before starting on their new journey…

1.  Make sure all paperwork is in order.  Review moving day information, locations, times, policies and procedures.  Be sure to pack a photo ID, health/immunization forms, important phone numbers and addresses, and a copy of your school schedule.

2.  Do not overpack!  Remember, dorm rooms usually come equipped with a bed, nightstand and desk.  However, you are responsible for  bedding, school supplies, toiletries, and a small desk lamp.  If you are bringing a television and small refrigerator, be sure to wrap them WELL!

3.  Bins vs Bags.  Depending on where your dorm room is located, it might be easier to pack and carry sturdy storage bins than plastic garbage bags.  Boxes and bins have handles and are easier to carry up and down stairs.  Flatter bins can also fit under beds and can be used for extra storage space.

4.  Label and organize your bins.  School supplies in one bin, electronics in another, toiletries in another, and so on…

5.  Bring a small toolbox.  Fill it with a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, extension cords, and duct tape.  In case something breaks in your room, or even if you want to re-arrange your room, you have the necessary supplies to fix it.

6.  Bring only seasonal clothing if possible.  If you plan on going back home for the hoidays, you can switch your shorts and light fall clothing to winter sweaters then.  There is no need to pack everything you own and bring it with you at one time.  Dorm rooms are usually limited when it comes to storage space.  Only pack what you think you will wear to classes and a couple of nice casual outfits.

7.  Shipping items.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to know when your college mailroom opens for the school year and whether or not it is acceptable to ship dorm room items directly to the dorm.  You do not want your items arriving a week after school begins.

8.  Invest in a bug-proof mattress cover.  We all hope the dorm rooms are clean enough to live in, especially the bed springs and mattresses, but just in case, you might want to invest in pillow and mattress protectors.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

9.  Other important essentials like a first aid kit, clipboard, calendar, pencil cup, magnets desk blotter, and 6×4 or 7×5 photo frames to make a wall mural can all come in handy.  Incorporate some photos of family, friends and pets in your decor.


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