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Pet-Friendly House Cleanings by Maid Brigade

We love pets, and we want to make your home the paw-fect oasis for you and your furry loved ones. That’s why we have designed our cleaning services that cater perfectly to homes with pets. If you are learning about which cleaning service company to choose for your pet-friendly home, we are here to share why Maid Brigade is the best choice for your home and family.

Special Care for Homes with Pets

When you have a pet at home, we take extra measures to keep them safe while we handle the house cleaning. We carry out the cleaning so that our teams are as non-intrusive as possible to them. Having new people come into your home can be a stressful experience for pets. We will communicate with you prior to your cleaning to ensure we’re all on the same page. Some of our team members are pet owners themselves and care deeply for our customers pets, as if they were their own.

Safe, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

While taking care of your home with pets, you can feel confident knowing that the cleaning products and equipment we use are completely safe for your pet family members. Our proprietary PUREcleaning system uses the safest and most advanced cleaning products. All of our cleaning solutions are EPA Registered, FDA Approved, and safe for pets upon application.

Pet-Loving Cleaning Crew

Our cleaning staff has lots of experience working in homes with pets. Their long years of experience plus genuine care for customers’ pets means your home and furry family members will be given the best care. In our conversations before your cleaning we can discuss your pet and what your preferences are when it comes to having our cleaning crew visit at your scheduled time.

We Know How to Clean Homes with Pets

Pet hair, dander, and odor can be one of the most challenging parts of cleaning homes with pets. Our industry-leading HEPA-filtration vacuum equipment, powerful electrolyzed water (e-water) solution, and trusted cleaning experience will give your home a top quality cleaning.

To ensure the healthiest environment in your home with pets, find your local Maid Brigade today and schedule your cleaning for your home’s well-being. Our pet-friendly, trusted, and reliable employees are always there to make the best cleaning happen for you!

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