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Stay Allergy-Free in Your Bedroom

Sleep is imperative to good health.  As spring blooms into the allergy season, consider a few simple tricks to keep your bedroom allergy free.
Fresh air.  While the pollen count is low, open windows to circulate air in the house.  When pollen counts are high, close windows and use air conditioning or ceiling fans to cool the bedroom.
Pets.  We love them.  They add so much substance to our lives.  Unfortunately, during allergy season, they can also add dander and pollen.  Bathe pets weekly to reduce the amount of dander they shed and to clean fur of any pollen collected while frolicking through the grass and flower beds.
Dust mites.  They are known to be a huge allergy trigger.  Wrap mattress and pillow in protective coverings.  Wash bedding in hot water or dry in a hot dryer.  Heat kills the mites that are embedded in the cloth.
Decrease respiratory irritants.  Don’t allow smoking in the house.  Decrease the amount of perfumes and fragrances.  Use natural, non-toxic cleaners in place of harsh, irritating chemicals.
Bringing the outdoors in.  Remove shoes and leave them by the door, especially if you have carpeting.  When children come in from playing outdoors, have a change of clothing or a bath waiting for them.  Bathe nightly to reduce pollen on skin and hair.  Dry clothing on an indoor line or in the dryer.  Do not use window fans as they may draw pollen into the house.
Mold.  It hides everywhere.  Check window sills and carpeting around windows.  Fix any leaks in the plumbing or roof.  Keep dirty clothing in hampers outside of the bedroom and empty every day.  Wash damp clothing as soon as possible.  Keep humidity in the house below 50%.  Most allergies worsen in humid climates.  Moist air promotes mold growth.  Get a dehumidifier if needed.  Be sure to empty collection containers often and clean thoroughly with a solution of vinegar and water.  Dry completely.
Filter.  Change central air filters regularly.  Dust bedroom with a damp microfiber cloth.  Use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter at least once weekly to vacuum bedroom, under bed and nightstand.

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