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The Best Moving Advice You Can Get

June 19, 2013

Family movingMoving can be one of the most stressful things in your life, and not being prepared for it can make it even worse.  Leaving things for the last minute can sometimes be a disaster just waiting to happen.

To make your move easier, organized and less stressful, create your own personal moving check list.  Sticking to your list can make all the difference in the world.

Here are some very important things to include on your moving list:

Give yourself plenty of moving time.  Do not wait until the last minute to move.  Doing so can cause unneeded chaos right from the start.  Make your move easy on yourself by being organized.

Start creating your checklist.  Start your list as early as you can.  Organize your list any way you want, whether it is by family member, items classification (clothing, pet, food), or room by room (kitchen, bathroom, kids room).  Add to your list if you need too.   

Create a file and track moving expenses, estimates, and budget.  Make a spreadsheet that will help you track all costs, budgets, moving expenses, phone numbers and any other important information that you might need to make this process smoother.  This spreadsheet will make your life so much easier and will soon become your best friend throughout this process!  Keep track of the estimates for moving trucks, packing supplies, moving boxes and even tape!

Create a folder just for receipts.  Anything related to the move should be organized and kept in a folder.  Include all receipts and brochures related to the move.  This way you can find the items easy if you need them.

Save your money!  Plan on saving as much money as you can for this move so you are able to pay off all your bills quicker.

Write-offs.  Being able to get some of the money you spent on moving back would be wonderful.  Check the IRS moving expense guidelines to see if you can deduct any of your moving expenses on your taxes.

Inquire.  It doesn’t hurt to check with your doctor, pediatrician, and veterinarian to see if  they possibly have recommendations for you at your new location. This could save you some time and frustration when trying to find a doctor in your new location.

Gather up moving supplies.  Ask friends, family members and even local stores if they have any boxes or other packing materials that you need for your move.  If you start asking early enough, you just might get them for free.

Address change.  Forward all your mail to your new address by going to the post office and filing out a “Change of Address” form.    

Shut off utilities.  Contact the electric company, water company, and phone company early and let them know you are moving so you don’t get billed for any services you did not use.

Your personal checklist is your guide to an easier, stress-free move so make sure all your moving needs are included on the checklist.

Happy moving! 


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