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The Best Ways to Keep Indoor Air Healthy in Your Home

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, and that indoor air pollution can be a threat to your family’s health.

One of the best ways to keep the air clean in your home is to reduce those things that cause indoor air pollution (like toxic chemicals and cigarette smoke).  Another way is to have good ventilation in your home (open windows, use exhaust fans, etc).

To keep the air in your home healthy and clean, follow some of these ideas from the American Lung Association:  

Ventilate your kitchen stove directly outside or open a kitchen window when you cook.

Never let anyone smoke inside your home. The Surgeon General states that there is no safe level of secondhand smoke. 

Install a carbon monoxide detector near your sleeping rooms. Carbon monoxide levels can rise very quickly in unventilated areas 

Test your home for radon. Radon is an odorless, invisible gas that can only be detected through testing. Testing is easy and inexpensive and getting rid of radon may save your life.

Use low VOC paints (or no VOC paints), varnishes, and waxes.  When painting, open windows and doors and use exhaust fans to remove gases.

Check your house inside and out for leaks that can cause moisture problems.  

Reduce dust mites in your home by using a dehumidifier, vacuuming or steam cleaning upholstered furniture, removing carpets, and washing bedding in hot water.  Keep the humidity in your home below 50%.

Air out dry cleaned items that are filled with toxic dry cleaning solvents before bringing them into your home.

Make sure your wood or gas stove and fireplace is fully vented to the outside. Fireplaces, wood, and gas stoves can produce toxic air pollutants.

Choose wood panel products that are not made with urea formaldehyde glues, lumber or materials.  Formaldehyde is a carcinogen.

Use a HEPA (high efficiency particle air) vacuum cleaner to ensure better air quality.

Maid Brigade House Cleaning Services cares about our environment and health of you and your family.  For more information on healthy green living and green cleaning, please log on to and  Watch our video on achieving work/life balance at  To learn more about the hidden allergy and asthma triggers in your home, log on to

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