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The reason I use Maid Brigade

The following is a letter we received from Cindy F. in Houston sharing the story of her vintage diamond, its remarkable rescue and the reason she is a Maid Brigade customer…


“Back in February I went to bed on a Wednesday night and found the back of a screw-on diamond earring laying in my bed. The earring was nowhere to be found…We launched an exhaustive search but never found the earring. When Maid Brigade came the following Tuesday, I told Patty and SHE went on the search. She checked her vacuum cleaner every time she heard a strange noise, she looked in every corner and tore that bed to pieces! 

I never stopped looking. The earring was an old-world cut diamond. An antique, over 100 years old, that was irreplaceable.

Almost six weeks later, Patty saw something sparkle in the shower drain. She used the light in her phone to look into the drain and there it was, the lost earring! She went through drawers until she found a small pair of manicure scissors that would fit into the drain and very, very carefully managed to get hold of the earring and pull it out. She never stopped looking for that earring! You should have seen the excitement on her face when she brought me that tiny little diamond. She was as excited as I was.

This is the reason I use and have continued to use Maid Brigade. There is an attention to detail I have never seen anywhere else. Every week she asked about that earring and every week when I told her I hadn’t found it, Patty went through my house with that same fine-toothed comb like she did the first time I told her about it. She never stopped looking. That earring was as important to her as it was to me. She is the very best of the best!”


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