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Tips For An Eco-Friendly Halloween

Halloween is twelve days away…did you get your costume yet?  If not, there’s still time! Here are some ideas to keep in mind when it comes to making your costume:

1.  Start looking for a costume in your own closet first.  Believe it or not, some of the best costumes are made from combinations of things found right in your home!  Clown, cats, ghosts, mummies, and witches can all be made from different patterns of clothes, face paint, yarn, and hats from your bedroom closet.

2.  Make your own treat bag.  You can use a bucket, a pillow case, a bag, or even better…a backpack!  Decorate it with tape, glitter, or paint to match your costume.

3.  Ditch the mask…use face paint instead!  For all those “princesses” on halloween, use your forehead and draw a beautiful crown!

4.  Can’t afford a costume this year?  Get together with family, friends, neighbors, or classmates and swap!

5.  Look for costumes at a thrift store.  Look for jumpsuits, overalls, or cowboy hats that could be used for your costume.  Or better yet, try looking for old dance costumes at dance schools.  Many times they have beautiful dance recital costumes for cheap prices.

6.  Use your uniform for work!  Put an apron on and carry a pizza box and be a delivery person, or wear scrubs and be a doctor!

7.  For a last resort, which I personally have had to use many times before, be a ghost (use an old white sheet), a tin man (wrap yourself in aluminum foil), a mummy (wrap yourself in toilet paper or paper towels) or get creative using a cardboard box!  These costumes are very easy to make and they always come out great!

Good Luck and Happy Halloween!


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