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Why PUREcleaning is a Safer Choice than Traditional Cleaning Products

A lot of modern cleaning solutions take the approach that the more chemicals they contain the better – what better way to kill bacteria and harmful germs? Yet product recall after product recall shows that more chemicals aren’t necessarily the solution to the problem. Millions of bottles of Fabuloso have been recalled, with Laundress and Pine-Sol amongst the impacted cleaning products.

In fact, the driving issue behind these recalls is the presence of bacteria in the cleaning product itself. Pseudomonas are bacterial organisms found in water and soil and can impact human health. Pseudomonas present a unique risk to people who rely on external medical devices, have respiratory conditions, or live with a weakened immune system. It can enter the body through broken skin, the lungs, and the eyes. These bacteria can cause bloodstream infections, as well as pneumonia and a range of other infections.

It’s time to change the way we think about cleaning products and consider the power of non-toxic cleaning products. They are the safest solution and more effective than you might realize.

What is PUREcleaning?

PUREcleaning, exclusive to Maid Brigade, is one of the most advanced cleaning systems available today. It is an industry-leading solution that makes every environment safer, whether it’s your home or office. It’s a multi-point process designed to remove debris, dirt, and germs with a non-toxic solution. The first step is removing debris, dirt, and allergens by dusting and cleaning all of the surfaces using microfiber cloths. We have a color coding system to prevent the risk of cross-contamination between rooms. We use HEPA filtration vacuums to improve your indoor air quality.

Gentle, yet powerful non-toxic muti-surface cleaner.

Electrolyzed water is the next step in the process – it’s a clean, non-toxic solution that kills bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew without the presence of dyes and powerful chemical odors. Electrolyzed water combines the power of salt and electricity to produce a non-toxic, gentle cleaning solution that cleans and disinfects. It breaks down germs the moment it makes contact which fully sanitizes your surfaces. It offers a complete clean and does not leave a chemical residue.

The final stage employs Maid Brigade PUREmist®, which is a powerful EPA-registered disinfectant. This is dispersed using a hand-held sprayer that kills germs to keep your children and pets safe. This mist is applied to every surface in your home and can reach into the nooks and crannies other cleaning products can’t reach. PUREmist® kills germs on contact and bonds directly to surfaces.

Benefits of PURECleaning Products Compared to Traditional Cleaning Products

PUREmist electrostatic sprayer

Traditional cleaning solutions contain a wide range of chemicals and rather than breaking down germs, they bond with them. This means that no matter how hard you wipe or how much elbow grease you apply, you leave harmful residue behind every time you clean. Your home becomes a safe space for bacteria, allergens, and dirt.

One of the major drawbacks of using traditional cleaning solutions is that chemicals leave powerful odors. For anyone with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, this can trigger attacks. PUREcleaning doesn’t leave a chemical odor, but it does deliver on clean.

Studies have shown that eco-friendly cleaning solutions reduce the health risks of professional cleaners, with traditional cleaning solutions resulting in higher levels of respiratory, dermal, and even musculoskeletal symptoms.

Choose a Cleaning Service that Offers Eco-Friendly Cleanings for Your Home

With traditional cleaning solutions now at greater risk of contamination of the very thing they are designed to protect against, non-toxic cleaning solutions provide you with the safest cleaning possible. An eco-friendly cleaning is safe for the environment, and more importantly, they are safe for your environment. You can rely on non-toxic solutions to kill germs and keep your home crystal clean.

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