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21 Fun (and Cheap) Summertime Date Ideas

June 09, 2016

it’s that moment we all (at least those of us in the northern hemisphere) have been waiting for… S U M M E R! i don’t know about you, but often times my husband and i spend way too much on saturdays doing the ping-pong game of “what do you want to do tonight?” followed by the ever helpful response of, “i dunno, what about you?” no more!  if you are still being indecisive about your date nights, simply pick a number between 1 – 21 from the list below and then you will be on your way!


so that no one wastes another summer day or evening, here is a list of fun (and cheap) summertime date ideas!

  1. go to a drive-in
  1. lay a blanket out on the grass and stargaze
  1. pack a picnic and head to a new park
  1. visit a winery or brewery
  1. take a cooking class
  1. play at the local waterpark
  1. go to a county fair (fried butter optional)
  1. chase down an ice cream truck like the good ol’ days
  1. take a dance class
  1. save up your quarters and play at an arcade
  1. go to a baseball game
  1. pick fruit at a local orchard

local fresh fruit

  1. go for a hike in a new area
  1. pack up the car and go camping (or in your own backyard)
  1. make a list of the restaurants you’ve always wanted to try and start crossing them off
  1. go to a concert outdoors
  1. brush up on your miniature golfing skills
  1. see if your community shows any movies outdoors
  1. have a water balloon fight
  1. look at coupon sites for new things to try (river rafting, archery, even paintball!)
  1. visit a farmer’s market for ingredients to prepare dinner together


what are some of your favorite summertime dates?

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