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An Easy Breezy Holiday Season Starts with ME

Burning the candle at both ends? While you're taking care of EVERYTHING, take care of yourself!

Burning the candle at both ends?  While you’re taking care of EVERYTHING, take care of yourself!

The holiday season, a time when the air is filled with selfless giving and joyous celebrations. Well, at least that’s what we are told it is!

My holiday season seems to be filled with an abundance of Christmas parties, children’s winter concerts, work, holiday shopping, out of town guests, cleaning and chores…in a nutshell, “STRESS!”

How can I keep my holidays merry and bright, get everything done and still have some sanity left for the start of the new year? By not letting the holidays get the best OF me, and letting the holidays bring out the best IN me. Here’s how I plan to do it:

Me first.

First step? Put myself first. I know this sounds a bit selfish, but if I don’t take care of “me” first, I cannot get anything else done! The holiday season has a habit of taking an emotional toll on people, which is why a balance of physical, psychological, and emotional well-being is important.

Letting go.

Sometimes when special moments don’t go as planned, we tend to get emotional or feel disappointed. This year I plan on “letting go” a little and just going with the flow a little more. Think positive, be flexible, and just maybe things will go better than planned! Filling my head with positive thoughts and not getting caught up in negative drama can also keep me in balance through the holidays.

Checking out.

Unplugging, unwinding, and relaxing my mind can help recharge that mental fatigue we all feel now and again. Deep breathing, positive affirmations, listening to relaxing music, and even meditation can help with de-stressing and re-connecting with one’s self. And they’re just generally good for overall well-being. I will walk, stretch, practice yoga, or lift weights , even for 20 minutes a day to keep me energized and feeling ready to go!

Eating smart.

What I put in my body has a lot to do with how well I will manage stress. When out and about in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, I need to think of my health. Instead of running to the over-priced tempting food court, I’ll pack a high-protein snack and a cold bottle of water ahead of time. This way staying hydrated, full, and energized is not a problem. Granola bars, bananas, fruit cups, nuts, or even yogurts are the perfect sized snack for on the go.

When attending or even planning festivities, I won’t overindulge. I will start eating at the healthier end of the table where the fruits and veggies are served and try to limit my sugar intake. I will limit alcohol intake, try cranberry or pomegranate enriched drinks and serve healthier, alternative dishes and desserts when I have guests over.

Mind my health.

I will bundle up and stay sanitized, washing hands often, especially when shopping. I will dress accordingly to the weather. Avoiding the cold that can send a balanced life off kilter will definitely help the holidays go smoother.

As selfish as it sounds, taking care of myself has to be top priority. This way, the holidays will remain merry and bright, for everyone!

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