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Independent YOU: Be most like YOURSELF!

July 14, 2015


“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else.” ― Judy Garland

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde


I recently went to a school function at my daughter’s middle school. As I watched all the kids pile up onto the stage for the concert, I noticed how a majority of the girls had on the same outfits, shoes, jewelry and even hair styles! I realize at this age kids just want to fit in because having the “cool” sneakers, or the nice shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch means the world to them. But what exactly are we teaching them? What about their personality and individuality? Does that count at all? Are we conveying the right message to our kids? Do we, as a society, educate our children enough on how to love themselves, and that it is ok to be different and unique?

Let’s be honest, sometimes the grass IS greener on the other side. Even as adults we tend to compare ourselves to others. There is that constant need to “keep up with the Jones’s.” What ever happened to loving ourselves enough to just be who we are, each one of us as unique individuals?

Sometimes adults, especially women, tend to “lose themselves” through marriage, family, work, and even divorce. We tend to become someone we are not, and sometimes we don’t like who we become. Luckily, we have the power to change what we don’t like so we can get back to finding (and liking) our unique selves. And as we become clearer about who we really are, we are better able to decide what is best for us.  Bottom Line…love yourself enough to want to BE YOURSELF!

Take these 10 steps to help you be Most Like Yourself:

  1. Discover who you are. Love yourself. Accept yourself. You cannot be yourself if you don’t accept yourself. Set a goal to get to know and understand who YOU really are. Loving and approving of yourself can be the very difference between living a healthy and abundant life style and not.
  2. Don’t get stuck in the past or you will not allow yourself to grow. Who you are is NOT defined by a moment or period of time or a single action or statement. Allow yourself some space to grow, improve, and become wiser.  Forgive yourself for past mistakes and behaviors and move forward with the lessons you learned from those mistakes.
  3. Continue to find your strengths. Strengths can change over time. They help to balance out your flaws! If you focus on your flaws instead of your strengths you will live in the land of “comparison,” which leads to nothing but resentment.
  4. Although it’s easier said than done, learn to relax! Stop worrying about “what could happen” and learn to laugh at yourself and accept what IS happening. Don’t take life so seriously.
  5. Be honest and open. Accept your flaws and move on. We all have flaws and imperfections, you are not the only one!
  6. Don’t compare yourself to others. If you are always striving to be someone you’re not already, you’ll never be a happy person.
  7. Surround yourself with positive people. No matter what life throws at you, you can overcome it if you have supportive people in your corner.
  8. Treat yourself as you’d treat your own best friend. Give yourself the same kind, thoughtful, and respectful treatment that you give to other people you care about.
  9. Express your individuality and follow your own style. Learn to communicate WELL. Stand out. Avoid being unfair to yourself.
  10. Realize that some days are harder than others…and that’s ok!

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