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Becoming a Role Model and a Leader

When thinking about your role models, how important is it for them to display leadership? According to Maid Brigade’s recent 2105 survey, apparently it is very important. In fact, this trait came in at number five out of the top traits women look for most in a role model.

But what makes a good leader?

There are several qualities associated with being a good leader. An effective leader will adapt to the situation they are about to face. Leaders will adjust their style so others understand. A leader should have a good sense of awareness, so they can put things into perspective. Leaders are committed to helping and developing people. They shouldn’t be afraid to help others become leaders themselves.

Leaders need to be empathetic at times, which will help identify with and accept others contributions. They must use good decision making skills and learn to respond to problems by listening first. Leaders are persuasive. They are willing to use their talents without demanding a lot from others. Leaders are very effective at identifying their areas of strength and take steps in developing them.

If you have aspirations of becoming a great leader, be sure to work on yourself and your management skills continuously. Focus on your inner strengths and on the strengths in others. No one is born a leader, but improving your skills and reading about what other great leaders have done can help!

A role model demonstrating good leadership is someone who is already in a position of authority that others look up to and hope to be like.

There have been many great leaders of all kinds in my forty-seven years of life, and I had the utmost respect for all of them. However, the role models demonstrating leadership traits in my life are the teachers, the EMT’s, the nurses and doctors, and all those who demonstrate trust, integrity, and control under pressure. These individuals are trained to save lives and educate others for a living.

What about you? Is it important that the role models in your life demonstrate leadership? Share your stories about your role models with us!

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