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Celebrate V-Day the Right Way

February 04, 2014


Dearest Maid Brigade readers,

As you know, Maid Brigade is a company that values, above all else, quality of life. It’s written all throughout our mission statement, as well as our day-to-day operations. It’s why we use only fully green and all-natural cleaning products, and it’s why we try to provide content on this blog and on social media that promotes only a healthy and happy life.

But some among us aren’t experiencing good quality of life. Sometimes, their quality of life kind of sucks.

I’m referring now to the women and children in our world who suffer abuse: physical, emotional, verbal, and even spiritual. Every aspect of life that we strive to improve at Maid Brigade is denied to these women and children at the hands of another human being, and we are not okay with that.

That’s why, this Valentine’s Day (and every other, for that matter), we’re standing behind One Billion Rising, an organization that advocates passionately for justice for women and girls. Last year, OBR threw hundreds of events all over the world on V-Day to demonstrate that we do not take this issue lying down. Through dance, song, art, and peaceful gathering at places of influence (courthouses, places of worship, etc.), OBR showed the women and girls around the world who suffer abuse that there are people out there who love them, care about their well-being, and are willing to do something about it.

This year, we’re taking it one step further. OBR is requesting that cities begin petitioning for certain justices. Is there a law that keeps women subdued in your town? Is there a need for funding for a battered women’s shelter? Whatever your town’s need is, OBR asks that you advocate for it alongside hundreds of thousands of your peers by attending one of OBR’s V-Day events.

There is a multitude of injustice in this world, and I for one am so thankful for people like Eve Ensler, Monique Wilson, and Melissa Sandgren at OBR who are willing to take a stand and actually push for a difference to be made.

If you would like to attend one of the V-Day events or simply learn more about One Billion Rising, visit the events page here.

Let’s not let this atrocity continue any longer. Let’s join together in the happiest and most lively way possible to combat those who would seek to take away someone’s quality of life. Let’s lend a helping hand and show our cities what Valentine’s Day is really all about.



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