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Empower Your Mind in Six Simple Steps

May 19, 2015

Bad Inner Language

Our thoughts can imprison us or empower us.

There are about 50,000 thoughts that pass through our minds each day. Some have the ability to help us and others can harm us.

The power of the mind can be very influential in our daily lives, especially when it comes to our “self-talk.” The words we say to ourselves influence our inner thoughts, which in turn, affects our actions we decide to take in our lives.

Thoughts such as, “I am fat,” or “I am a horrible mother,” are flooding our minds negatively, mainly due to our perceived failures or insecurities, which will eventually take a toll on our positive energy and lower our quality of life over time.

Learning how to control your mind and thoughts will aid in gaining a better mental focus, improve mental concentration, and develop a stronger will power.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, such as, “I am enough,” or “I look great in this color.” Trust your judgment. Spend time thinking positively so your body gives off positive energy that will help your chances of achieving your goals and aspirations you have in life.

Empower yourself and your inner voice by keeping these six things in mind:

First things first. Love yourself. If you learn to love yourself you will take better care of yourself. Loving yourself will empower and inspire others around you to love themselves.

Concentrate and Meditate. Because the body has two minds, conscious and subconscious, those who learn to strengthen the subconscious mind usually have better control of their lives. The best way to strengthen your subconscious mind is through meditation. Meditation also helps reduce stress and anxiety, both physically and emotionally. Meditation helps organize your thoughts and improve self-control, which increases self-confidence. Two 20 minute sessions daily is all it takes!

Think positive. Ask yourself, is your glass half full or half empty? Your response to this question all depends on what you tell yourself. If you fill your mind with negative thoughts and opinions, you manifest negative energy. Believe in yourself. Surround your life with positive, supportive people. Recite positive affirmations and inspirational quotes each day to help build self-confidence and happy thoughts. Smile often. Improve your posture. Appreciate what you have in life.

Set Goals. If you don’t have any goals, there is nothing to look forward to. Set clear, small, achievable goals and a good plan for achieving them in a certain time frame. This will help increase your awareness and your ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to do.

Visualize/Journalize. Visualize your needs and whatever goals you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Jot them down in a journal. Journaling helps you tap into your hidden potential by clarifying thoughts and understanding your strengths and limitations. Seeing your thoughts on paper will help you reconnect and re-discover yourself, which can increase positive energy and self-confidence.

Eat Right, Exercise Daily. Eating healthy plays a vital role in brain function. Proper nutrition nourishes the brain which increases mind power. Lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and unrefined carbohydrates feed the brain. Small bouts of exercise daily also boosts mind power by increasing circulation and oxygen flow. Climb the stairs a few times each week to maintain good heart function. Walk, swim, or jog about 30 minutes, three times each week to clear your mind and strengthen your body. During your free time, enjoy a good book, play a board game, or listen to music to increase your mental power.

Remember, your mind creates your world…love and empower yourself enough to fill it with positive thoughts!  

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