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5 Ways to Love Yourself Right Now


It’s been a hectic few weeks.  Besides work, chores, errands, homework and children’s afterschool activities seven days a week, I am preparing to shoot a pilot TV show with my good friend and radio co-host Leslie Reichert!  The show is called “SLOBS” and I cannot wait to begin filming this Friday!

During these crazy times when life seems to be filled with more stress and less time, it is so important to make sure you give yourself a few moments each day to “recoup,” unwind, and re-energize.  I learned this the hard way.  There were so many times I pushed “me” time out of the way so I can take care of others, or so I can  finish up my “to do” list for the day.  After a while, I started getting cluster headaches (all due from stress) because of not giving myself any down time.  The only time I had to myself was at night when I was sleeping.  This was just not enough.

To get rid of my cluster headaches, I had to learn to put myself first and take care of “me.”  The first step in this learning process was to learn to give myself some down time every day.  Since my busy schedule doesn’t allow me to have as much time as I would like right now, I decided to devote a few ten minute breaks each day to reduce my stress and regain my sanity.

Since I started this “ten minute rule” I have not stopped.  It works perfectly in my busy schedule and it is exactly what I need to get through my busy days and come out feeling positive and successful instead of stressed out.  There are so many things you can do in ten minutes too! Try giving yourself a few ten minute breaks throughout the day, I bet you will be hooked!   Here are five of my favorites:

  1.  Sitting quietly on my porch in my rocking chair sipping a hot cup of tea.  Looking out into the beautiful sunshine, breathing fresh air into my lungs as I rock back and forth in my rocking chair is one of my favorite getaways. I instantly forget about life for a little while and focus on our beautiful world instead.
  2. Meditating by the ocean (or its sounds).  I love the water!  I grew up in a house on the Great South Bay and nothing is more relaxing to me than staring out into the water watching the sun’s rays beam down on the waves while hearing the sounds of sea gulls flying in the air.  Meditating in a peaceful environment (like the ocean) allows you to clear your head and your heart and let those negative feelings flow right out of your mind.  Just ten minutes of meditation has always given me extra energy to get through the rest of the day. Meditating while watching the sunset over the ocean is the ultimate relaxer for me. Of course, if you don’t live near the ocean, a sound machine is a decent substitute! There are many online sound “machines” that are closer to authentic; they may even have seagull sounds!
  3. Walk a Mile.  Did you know the average person can walk about a mile in ten minutes?  If meditating isn’t your thing to relieve stress, why not try a little exercise?  Just ten minutes of speed/power walking will lift your energy level and your spirits up and give you a natural high to last you throughout the day.
  4. Give yourself a facial.  Relax and look beautiful all at the same time.  Throw some oatmeal, yogurt and honey on your face, sit back and rest for ten minutes.  A power nap will rejuvenate you and the facial will bring a rosy glow to your complexion.  If facials are not your thing, try a ten minute foot or neck massage.  Ten minute foot and neck massages work wonders on stress!
  5. Play with your children, your pets, or both.  Nothing melts away the stress and brings a smile to your heart than spending time with your children and your pets.  Just ten minutes of quality time can make their day and yours seem brighter.

Learning to love and take care of your self is so important, yet for many of us, it is so easily overlooked.  Take time for you, even if it’s just ten minutes each day.  You deserve it.  Remember, the small daily improvements that we incorporate in our lives are the key to staggering long-term results.  Ten minutes a day can give you a lifetime of happiness!

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