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Getting There: Tips For Creating a Healthier Balance

Some of the happiest people are those who have a healthy work-life balance and, with a little practice, you can be one of them.  Here are some steps you can take to help you find the balance that is best for you:

Step 1:  Write down the roles you are juggling.  Many people are not aware of how much they ask of themselves.  Keep a log of your daily activities for one week.  Find out where you spend the majority of your time.

Step 2:  Determine what is most important.  What are your priorities?  Once you found where you spend most of your time, determine if you need to make changes that will strengthen a healthier work-life balance.  Make sure you schedule time for things that help you relax and feel better. 

Step 3:  Learn to say “no”.  Let go of the guilt.  Say “yes” to what you really want and “no”to less important tasks.  This will help restore harmony and make life easier.

Step 4:  Ask for help:  Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.  Many women feel they can do it all, but in reality, most of them need help.  Asking for outside maid service to help with house cleaning, or delegating responsibilities to other family members in the home are all ok.  Asking for help can solve many problems.

Step 5:  Just do it!  Start enjoying your life!  Give yourself permission to make these changes without feeling guilty.

Creating and achieving a work-life balance is a continuous process that requires a great deal of self-discipline.  It is about how to maintain that balance so you can keep your energy flowing and keep yourself healthy for years to come.  Those who do make the effort reap the rewards by leading full, content and satisfying lives.


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