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Go Green this Fourth of July

Celebrate Independence Day this year and save the environment by throwing a little green into your mix of red, white, and blue!

Get outside and party before the fireworks.  Consider a daytime party and make the most use of natural light.  If your partying does run into the evening hours, consider soy candles to add ambiance without the expense or waste.

Ditch the Disposable Partyware.  Disposable plates, cups, and utensils are convenient for parties with a lot of guests, but they are not so convenient for the environment.  Do your best to use normal tableware that can be washed and reused.  Cloth napkins and reusable cups are other eco-friendly options.

Use Propane for grilling.  According to a study by the Environment Impact Assessment Review, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) as a fuel, is more efficient than charcoal in its production and more efficient in cooking.  When purchasing a propane tank, make sure there is a trade-in option.  Most retailers will let you bring in an empty tank in exchange for a discount on your next tank.

Save and Reuse Decorations.  Make a centerpiece by floating candles in wood bowls with rose petals in them.  Arrange daisies in a glass vase.  Buy small American flags at the dollar store and plant them in with the flowers.  Reuse the flags next year.

Go Organic.  Serve plenty of organic fruits and vegetables along with the whole food dishes.  Avoid pre-packaged foods as much as possible to cut out the waste.

Use Large Water Containers.  Plastic water bottles are convenient, but they can add up fast.  Store water in large containers so family and guests can re-fill their cups.

Recycle!  One of the easiest ways to go green is to recycle your waste.  Be sure to put a clearly marked “recycle” bin out at your party.

Green your Fireworks.  Fireworks are hardly an environmentally-friendly activity, but they are a tradition.  If you plan to set off your own fireworks this year, be sure to use fireworks rich in Nitrogen.  They might cost a bit more, but they put out less smoke in the environment.

Maid Brigade House Cleaning Services would like to hear your comments on going green this Fourth of July.  Write to us and let us know!  For more information on healthy green living, please log on to or

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