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How to Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

May 07, 2014


Hi Maid Brigade readers! This week is national tourism week, so I wanted to write a post in celebration. The things is though that it’s not always possible to get away, is it? Sometimes you have to (or want to) do more of a stay-cation rather than actually vacating.

The good news is that it’s totally possible to have a completely new experience in your own town! You may have never seen or done some of the things that draw people to the town or city nearest to  you. Here are 4 tips for exploring a town you know well in order to have fun and fall in love with it all over again:

1. Buy a guidebook or tourism map.

Have you ever been into a gas station or convenience store and seen guidebooks or tourism maps about your town or region propped up at the checkout? Well, now it’s time to grab one! Crack it open and see what it is that others say your town has to offer, and then follow their lead.

2. Take a tour.

Depending on what your town or city has to offer, there is probably some form of tour available. It may be as informal as a local shop owner showing you around, or it may be a velvet-rope affair with all the bells and whistles. Either way, you’re sure to learn something new. Many large tows or small cities have unique kinds of tours, too, like Nashville’s Pedal Tavern, Hollywood’s Segway tours, or even horseback tours in parts of Texas!

3. Splurge on a “touristy” attraction.

You know that attraction that you always avoid because it’s overpriced and is constantly flooded with people with cameras? Well, your stay-cation is the perfect time to try it out. Since you live nearby, you or someone you know probably knows when to go so that it’s less crowded, and you can afford it since you’re staying home.

4. Take lots of pictures!

When we’re in our hometowns, we don’t often stop to take pictures of cool sights or attractions, and it’s a real shame. For example, a girlfriend of mine has lived in Chicago for 20+ years and doesn’t have a reflection picture at the Bean! Take some time to walk around with your camera out, and don’t be afraid to snap some pictures. It will make it feel more like a vacation, and you’ll be able to preserve the memories for years to come.

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