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My (Hopefully) Achievable Goals for 2014


We all have resolutions and goals about things we want to accomplish (or change) going forward. The majority of us like to start implementing these ideas at the beginning of a new year.  The rest of us, however, like to wait until the right moment, no matter what time of year it may be.

Here is a list of small, attainable goals that I have set for myself throughout this year.  I plan to start slowly, accomplishing a few of them each month.  By the end of the year, my main resolution of having a healthier mind, body and diet should be attained!

  • Watch less TV.  I admit, I am a reality show addict!  However, I am realizing that focusing on my life (and not someone else’s) clears up so much time for me to accomplish things that I have put aside.
  • Limit online activity.  Working and checking emails are fine, it is the shopping that keeps me on the computer longer than I want to be. But don’t worry, I’ll still be around to write some blog posts 😉
  • Sleep better and longer.  This is a tough goal to accomplish but a much needed one.  I go to bed late and get up early.  I am a working mother with LOTS to accomplish each day.Goals
  • Exercise.  Exercise helps purify the mind and body by releasing endorphins and aggressive emotions.  I feel so much better after I exercise. It’s a shame I haven’t kept this steady in my life.
  • Breathe deeply.  When all else fails, breathe deeply!  It relaxes the mind and helps increase the flow of oxygen in the body.  This works extremely well in “pressure” situations.
  • Stay in AND go out more.  Sounds confusing, right?  But both are great relaxing techniques.  I just need to learn to balance them better — go out when I’m just being lazy, and stay in when my body wants to rest.
  • Work on time management. Improve my focus. Keep track of time better. Set goals throughout the day so I stay focused on the things that matter.
  • Set realistic goals. Realistic goals help make you feel a sense of achievement and triumph after completion. Hopefully this list is one fulfillment of that!
  • Boost self-confidence.  Get rid of negative thoughts that prevent you from doing the things that make me happy.
  • Simplify life.  Learn to say no.  Keep things in perspective of what’s going to be important in the long run.
  • Take time out.  Slow down every once in a while and give my mind and body a rest by taking time out for myself.  This is a much needed goal that I always seem to push aside.
  • Continue to de-clutter.  A cluttered house or a cluttered schedule can cause anxiety and stress.
  • Say no to junk food.  This is tough for me to do, but I know how happy I would be if I cut out the sugar and added more fruits and vegetables. Remember, easy isn’t always right!
  • Volunteer more. I have always volunteered my time to causes I believe in, and it makes me feel good.  This year and beyond, I want to make more time for giving back.
  • Smile.  Smiling helps focus on the positive and helps forget about the negative feelings. It’s actually scientific!

Sounds like a lot to accomplish, doesn’t it?  But they are all easy attainable goals that, in the end, will help be the person I want to be. Whatever moment you do decide to put your actions into gear, remember that hard work and motivation will pay off!   Stay strong, think positive and don’t lose focus of your goals.

What are your goals for 2014?  Do you have any tips or advice on how I can achieve all of my goals?  Share your comments with us!

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