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Tips For Making Your Busy Life Seem Less Hectic…

Back to school started one week ago for my three children, and so far we have had two projects to do, 7 quizzes to study for, 16 papers to sign and TONS of supplies to buy….

…of course this doesn’t include all of the after-school activities that I have been running back and forth to for a good month now!

How can I handle all this “kid stuff,” while still having time to do household chores and keep a part time job?  By following these life-saving tips:

Organization.  Spend the weekend getting organized.  One lost car key or phone number can back up your entire day.

Wasted time.  Try and keep track of ways that you waste time.  For example, iron clothes, pack lunches, or lay out clothing the night before.

Notes.  Get used to writing things down!  Everytime you think of something you need to do, jot it down on your notepad.  If possible, keep a notepad by your phone so all your thoughts are written in the same place.

Calendar.  I cannot function everyday without the family calendar!  Write down all appointments, tests, activities, doctor appointments, and phone numbers all on one calendar.

Organize shopping days.  Choose a day (or night) to go grocery shopping.  Choose a different day to run errands.  Choose another day for housework.  Try and stick to your schedule as best as you can.  When possible, buy groceries in bulk.  When cooking, cook double the amount and freeze half.

Teach your children how to fold laundry or clean up the dishes.  Learning is great for them and the extra help is perfect for you!

Aim to finish any project you start, whether it is a list of phone calls that need to be returned, or errands to run.  Leaving unfinished projects can cause anxiety.

Prioritize.  Figure out what you really need to get done each day and make sure that is on the top of your “to do” list for that day.

Organize by files.  Make folders for all of your bills, insurance, letters, statements, or anything else you need.

Sanity time.  Don’t forget about “me time.”  Take some time out for yourself EVERY DAY to relax, regroup, and recharge…even if it is ten minutes a day.  You deserve it!

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