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Cleaning and Organizing Your Garage

October 11, 2018

The hardest part of organizing your garage is just getting started. For many homeowners, a garage begins as a clean parking space and evolves into a mess of equipment for your lawn, your child’s sports and other miscellaneous items from around the house. The best way to get going involves simple steps that start with emptying the garage, purging the junk and organizing the rest of the “stuff”.  I have some hacks I want to share with you that will help you with that last step of organizing all the stuff you want to continue to keep in your garage.

Hang your cords and hoses with a large linked chain:

Hoses and cords can take up a lot of space if they aren’t hung neatly in your garage. An easy way to hang them is to attach a large linked chain to the garage wall and use an S hook to wrap the chain around the cord so it will hang neatly from the wall.

String your paint brushing with a wire and hang from the ceiling:

Paint brushes need to be stored so the bristles don’t bend or warp. A great way to keep them looking new is to string a thin wire through the hole on the top of the brush handle and hang them from the ceiling of the garage.

Use a pallet for storing your rakes, shovels and other lawn tools:

Instead of having your rakes and shovels leaning against the garage wall, place a pallet on its side so that the opening is facing up. Slip your rakes in shovels into the opening and the pallet will hold them stationary.

Put your large garbage bags on a paper towel holder to make them easy to manage:

Purchase a large paper towel holder and put your garbage bags on it like they were paper towels. This will make them easy to manage when you need them.

Use a magnetic strip to hang metal tools on the wall:

Purchase a magnetic strip that you can place on the garage wall. You can organize all your metal tools by hanging them on this magnetic strip.

Use bungie cords with screw eyes to hold sports equipment:

This is a great tip for storing kid’s sports balls. You can place basketballs, soccer balls and even footballs inside the bungie cords to keep them contained.

Hang bikes on the garage walls or from the ceiling:

You will be surprised how much space you can save by hanging your bikes from the ceiling. You can store up to six bikes in the area in front of each car in your garage.

Use plastic tubs on a metal shelf for storing items in an organized manner:

Use athletic tape to label the tubs. (You can remove the tape and relabel when you are reorganizing).

Use old muffin tins to organize screws and other small parts:

It’s a great way to keep small parts organized and easy to manage.

Use a step ladder to store your wood:

Pieces of wood can be placed through the steps of the ladder and stored next to the wall to keep them in order.

Use a shoe organizer to keep smaller things off the garage floor:

A clean shoe organizer is great for storing small garden tools, gloves and even a baseball or two.

Use cut pieces of PVC piping:

Place PVP pipes on their ends to hold wire ties and other items that get disorganized easily.

Use pool noodles on the wall of your garage as bumpers for your car door:

Cut the pool noodle in half with a sharp knife and attach them to the wall of your garage. This will prevent bumps and scrapes on your car door.

Hang a tennis ball from a string:

This will to let the driver know how far they can pull into the parking space. This will give you to the maximum amount of storage space without having the car damage items by pulling in too far.

Whether you’re looking for a few quick fixes for your garage or your garage needs a complete overhaul, we hope these tips provide some guidance. Enjoy the clean space and check back for even more tips for keeping your home clean.

For more information on how you can clean and protect your home safely, visit Leslie’s website!


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