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Green Thanksgiving Activites and Decorations for You and Your Children

Thanksgiving is a time for families to get together. Celebrate Thanksgiving this year by going green.  

Thanksgiving Greeting Cards.  Instead of buying Thanksgiving cards this year, make them!  This is a great activity to do with your children.  Cut out pictures from junk mail and holiday catalogs.  Then, cut out the greeting card from thin cardboard, thick envelopes or other similar type packaging. You can use a paintbrush with some watered down glue and paste the photos to the cardboard.

Thanksgiving Decorations.  Using items from from your own back yard, try making these simple decorations:  


  • Decorative Wreath: Take a coat hanger and bend it into a circle, leaving the hook at the top. Then take the flexible part of evergreen tree branches and wind them around the hanger. Glue pine cones, acorns, and berries to the evergreen branches with a glue gun.
  • Colorful Paper Chain: Take holiday catalogs that come in the mail and cut the pages into strips. Make the paper chain by gluing the strips into interlocking loops.
  • Turkeys: Take some dried gourds and paste on eyes, yard and scraps of paper to make a turkey.
  • Place Mat: Take a piece of thin cardboard or thick paper and glue on some autumn leaves. Cover the cardboard with clear contact paper to make a water-resistant place mat.
  • Tablecloth: Let your children paint leaf shapes on an old tablecloth. They can also use rubber stamps or make their own potato stamps. Another great idea is to take some leaves, put paint on them and use them as stamps. You can also have your children put their hand prints on the tablecloth.


Thanksgiving Centerpiece.  The centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table can also be environmentally-friendly. You can put the centerpiece in the middle of the table or put it on a Lazy Susan. Here are a few ideas for your eco-friendly centerpiece that you and your children can make:


  • Blessing Tree:  Cut some leaf shapes from paper and have everyone write on them things that they are thankful for. Hang the paper leaves from a bare, multi-branch twig and put it in a sand-filled flower pot or container of your choice.
  • Pilgrim Figures:  Use paper towel and toilet paper tubes to make the figures. Use yarn, construction paper, buttons and other items to decorate them, gluing these items on the tubes with your glue gun. Put mini gourds around them for additional decoration.
  • Thanksgiving arrangement:  Put pumpkins, gourds, pine cones, and leaves in the center of your table in an arrangement.

Maid Brigade House Cleaning Services cares about the health of you and your family.  For more information on healthy green living and green cleaning, please log on to or  For more information on “Household Cleaning Products and Breast Cancer”, please watch our video at

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