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Moving Maid Easy – Packing the Garage

packing-organizing-garageGetting ready to move can be an overwhelming task. Before starting the packing process every room should be cleaned, organized and purged. Actually, you don’t have to do those steps but I strongly encourage you to do them and in that order.

The garage is one of the hardest rooms to clean, organize and pack before a move, but it’s very important to do, even if you having professional movers do your packing and moving. Here are some ideas to help you with cleaning, organizing and packing your garage before your move:

  1. Start by moving your cars and other large equipment like lawn mowers and snow blowers out of the garage. This will give you room to work. While you have those large items out in the driveway, plan to hose them down and let them dry so you won’t be transporting dirt back onto the newly cleaned floor area.
  2. Gather together old cans of paint and other containers of flammable materials and set them aside to take to a recycling center. If you are leaving paint for the next occupants, set those cans aside and label them, DO NOT MOVE. Otherwise, professional movers will pack them along with everything else in the room. Hazardous chemicals should be securely packed, labeled and transported separately; movers will not move hazardous material.
  3. Work on one side of the garage at a time. Move everything from one side of the garage into the other so that you start with a totally clean area. You can use the other side to divide your items into things you want to keep and things that need to be purged.
  4. Once the area is cleared – you can start cleaning it. Start with the ceiling and a straw broom to remove dust and cobwebs. Move down the walls to the floor and sweep all the dirt out of the garage.
  5. Spot wash the garage floor with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and a touch of dish soap. The alcohol will work to break down any oil or grease and the dish soap will lift it up off the floor so you can rinse it away.
    1. Tools – gather all your tools together and organize them by size and function. Remove any duplicates and any in poor condition. Moving a collection of useless rakes and shovels to your new home is a waste of time and money.
    2. Outdoor furniture – make sure all your outdoor furniture is clean and free from mold and mildew before moving it. Use a blower or dust brush to remove the dust and dirt and give it a good scrubbing with diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide if it has mildew spots.
    3. Camping equipment – camping equipment should be cleaned and dried before moving. To let sunlight remove stale  smells hang sleeping bags, tents and other soft goods on a clothes line or spread them out on the grass for a few hours. Store them dry before the move.
    4. Sports equipment – bikes, scooters and skateboards should be stored together before the move. Smaller items like balls and gloves should be placed in plastic containers with lids and labeled on every side.After the first side is clean start moving things back into it – methodically. Use this time to pick and choose what goes with you to your new home.
    5. Hardware – smaller items such as paint brushes, tools and maintenance items should also be placed in plastic bins with lids. Label them with “GARAGE – Maintenance” on all sides so you will know what’s inside. Use clear tubs in the same size for easy stacking and storing and to see what’s inside when you get to your new home.

Traditional two car wooden garage

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