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Storing Summer Clothes for Next Season

The autumn chill is in the air! The cooler temperatures have started to motivate everyone young and old to start changing out their summer shorts for winter sweaters. But what exactly is the best way to store your summer wardrobe? Let’s look at a few tips that will keep your summer clothing looking their best when you pull them out next spring.

Start by getting some airtight containers. If you are storing your clothing in an attic or basement you want to make sure they are being stored in something that is completely airtight. Make sure your container has a rubber seal and locking clips to keep the lid secure. Another option you can try are vacuum sealed bags. In addition to being vacuum sealed, they also save a tremendous amount of space when storing.

Take some time to go through your summer clothing and see if there are some things you can purge. Try on each piece of clothing to see it fits the way you want. If you didn’t wear the piece of clothing at all during the summer, take a minute to decide if you really need to keep it. This is a great time to start minimalizing your wardrobe.

Once you’ve decided what you will be keeping and storing, you want to wash it in a gentle laundry soap and check for spots and discoloration. If the piece of clothing has a spot that hasn’t been addressed before you store it, the stain will become darker while stored.

Try to find a location to store your clothing that is in a neutral temperature area. An attic is a great option but be aware that the temperature fluctuates tremendously in an attic. In the winter it can get bitterly cold, then in a warm spell become extremely hot. This can lead to condensation inside your container which will lead to mold and mildew. Basements are notorious for dampness and will most likely breed mold in your clothing. Instead, look for some storage space in a closet or spare bedroom.

If you want to store your items on hangers, use padded hangers and leave enough space between each piece to avoid wrinkles. Never use wire hangers as they can disfigure your clothing. Make sure to hang pants from the hem so they don’t develop a crease that can’t be ironed out.

Moths can definitely damage clothing but using mothballs like our mothers and grandmothers did is not exactly the healthiest option. Instead, you can use cedar blocks that will repel the moths or you can also use cedar oil dripped onto cotton balls to keep the moths away. Just make sure not to have the oil-soaked cotton ball touching the fabric as it can leave marks on the clothing.

Repel pests with a simple trick of treating a piece of fabric with a bug repellent and putting it into the container when storing your clothing. You can treat a rag with the bug spray and put it in the corner of the storage container. It will work to keep pests away from your clothes.

Avoid smells by sprinkling some baking soda in the bottom of your airtight container. Baking soda is the perfect solution to rid your clothing from smells that may be deep within the fabric.

Avoid the plastic bags you get at the dry cleaner for storing items on a hanger. The plastic stops air flow and can trap smells, chemicals, and moisture. Instead, use a breathable fabric cover you can purchase at a store like The Container Store that will protect your clothing from dust but still let the air flow around the fabric.

Once your summer clothes have been stored away, you will have more room for sweaters, scarves, and boots! We hope you also feel relieved when summer rolls around and your summer clothes are easy to find and unpack. While we may already be wishing for warmer weather, the cold is here to stay…at least for a little while.

For more information on how you can clean and protect your home safely, visit Leslie’s website!

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