May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. If you have someone in your household who suffers asthma or allergy attacks, these 5 key areas of your home need special attention while you are spring cleaning this year. Lifestyle Expert Michelle Yarn shares advice from Maid Brigade on how to control allergies indoors, in this new video:

When it comes to cleaning for health, Maid Brigade wrote the book. Our Green Clean Certified® system uses cleaning solutions and equipment that are designed to be safer yet equally effective to traditional cleaning systems, that can make you sick. Using green cleaning products and equipment is one important way to control allergies indoors. Another is to focus on the 5 key areas in your home to address, described in the video above.

Maid Brigade has dedicated ourselves to  educating the public on safer alternatives, and we have a TON of “how to” info for the  DIY cleaner.  You can check out some recent examples by clicking on the titles below.

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If you don’t want to clean for your self anymore, or if you need help every once in a while (like, maybe right before your Memorial Day party!) give us a call at 888-79GREEN or click below to get a free, no obligation estimate:


All Maid Brigade cleaning crews are uniformed, trained, Green Clean Certified® and insured. We pay all local, state and federal taxes. Our professional cleaners are Maid Brigade employees.