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California Identifies 30 Additional Chemicals that May Cause Cancer, Reproductive Problems or Developmental Problems

According to The Daily Green, an e-newsletter published by Hearst Women’s Network, California has identified 30 chemicals that are suspected to cause serious health problems.  These chemicals are commonly found in household products.  California, perhaps the state most noted for green living,  has historically kept a watchful eye on toxins the public may be exposed to through products we use every day and often bans chemicals from sale in the state.

Among these newly listed chemicals are some that appear in nail polish, adhesive and rubber (potentially causing reproductive harm in women), weed killers, insecticides, cleaning products and gasoline additives (potentially causing reproductive harm in men), floor tiles, cleaning products, cosmetics and certain cancer and HIV treatments (potentially causing cancer!).

For the complete list, see The Daily Green.  Then, you can search for those chemicals on the Household Products Database to learn whether products you use include these potentially harmful ingredients.  Healthier alternative products are often available if you seek to live a green lifestyle.

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