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Companies Being Sued Over Falsely Labeling Organic Products

The Center for Environmental Health filed a lawsuit last Thursday against 26 cosmetic companies, claiming they are improperly labeling products such as shampoo, facial washes and soaps as organic.

The Center said in its lawsuit filed in Alameda County Superior Court that the companies are violating a California labeling law requiring organic products to contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients.

Organic labels stated that the natural ingredients used to make the product were grown without pesticides, chemicals and other traditional methods now thought to be unhealthy.

The center previously sued organic heavyweight Hain Celestial Group Inc. in May, claiming its Jason and Avalon Organics brands were mislabeled. Other Hain brands were included in the lawsuit filed Thursday. A company representative didn’t return a call seeking comment.

In the latest action, the Oakland-based center alleges in its lawsuit that popular organic cosmetic companies such as Kiss My Face, Alliance Boots and others violated the California Organic Products Act of 2003, which mandated the 70 percent rule. Neither company returned a phone call.

The Center For Environmental Health wants to encourage companies to use organic ingredients and ensure that consumers can trust organic labels to be meaningful and consistent.

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