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New BPA Study Wakeup for Pregnant Women – Wellness Wire

Science News reports that pregnant women with the most bisphenol A (BPA) exposure early in pregnancy, had children who exhibited slight gender-specific behavioral alterations by the time they were two. Girls whose mothers had encountered the most BPA early in pregnancy tended to become somewhat more aggressive than normal, boys became more anxious and withdrawn. More than 99 percent of the pregnant women tested positive for BPA during at least one of three urine tests during pregnancy.

This is the first study to link behavior to prenatal BPA exposure. Bisphenol A is a plasticizer and resin found in baby bottles, polycarbonates, the lining of cans, dental amalgams, and more. It has been found to leach into food and liquids.  BPA effects found in animals included breast and prostate cancer, decreased sperm counts, reproductive abnormalities, neurobehavioral problems, early puberty in females, and various other abnormalities.

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