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New Findings On Silver Teeth Fillings – Are They Dangerous?

According to a U.S. advisory panel, there is enough uncertainty surrounding silver-colored metal dental fillings with mercury that U.S. regulators should add more cautions for dentists and patients.

The Food and Drug Administration’s panel of outside advisers mentioned that even though past data has backed the cavity treatment, the fillings should be accompanied by warnings about unknown risks for vulnerable people such as children and pregnant women.  

Mercury has been linked to neurological damage at high exposure levels and makes up about half of a metal filling.

The panel wants the FDA to look at the latest data and reassess its guidance after the agency declared the fillings (known as amalgam) safe last year.

The FDA could decide to continue backing the metal fillings, urge more cautious use, or ban the products. Some European nations have banned amalgam use.

Some dentists have said that mercury was too risky and that they no longer use those fillings. Many patients have also spoke about how their health deteriorated after getting amalgams and urged the panel to push FDA to initiate strong warnings, especially for children and pregnant women.  

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