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Re-Think Those Water Bottles

There’s this great thing that happens at 5 o’clock on Friday in my neighborhood – all the young moms and dads congregate with their children and dogs in one neighbor’s corner lot yard for a beer and some slicky slide or blow-up pool fun.  Tonight was no different.  Except all the mothers were talking about “that email”. I have not gotten THE email, but apparently it draws attention to the leaching properties of plastic water bottles and how drinking water from a water bottle that’s been sitting in a hot car is bad for you.  Another green living message hits mainstream.

Hallelujah! The message is finally out.  Plastic leaches endocrine disruptors and other nasties into the food it is containing. Heated plastic promotes the worst leaching.  It’s not very green. So in addition to water bottles sitting in a hot car, think about your Lean Cuisines.  Truly plastic food, for one thing, but if you heat it in the microwave you are begging the plasticizers and other toxic chemicals to crawl right into your food.  Foods with citric acids also compound the leaching, so beware tomato based foods in the microwave. Also beware juices sold in plastic containers.

How to avoid leaching plastics and eat a more green diet? Squeeze your own fruit juice.  Eat wholesome foods, not Lean Cuisines.  Purchase glass containers for leftovers – Crate & Barrel sells some afforable options.  And find some stainless steel water bottles to fill with filtered tap water.

Green living is about reducing the amount of toxins your body takes in.  Green practices are healthier for people and better for the environment.

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