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What Canned Food May Be Doing To You – Wellness Wire

After eating unprocessed, unpackaged food for two days, author Rick Smith saw the levels of bisphenol A in his body increase 7.5 times after two days of eating canned food heated in a microwave using a polycarbonate plastic container. Described in the new book Slow Death by Rubber Duck: How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects our Health, Smith teamed up with Bruce Lourie, chairman of the board of directors for Environmental Defense, to explore exposure to four chemicals commonly found in food and air: bisphenol A, mercury, phthalates (a plasticizer), and triclosan (a commonly used disinfectant). All four chemicals increased alarmingly after two days of eating a lot of canned food, tuna fish (mercury), using air freshener, and a “mind-blowing” 2,900 times after using, over a two-day period, brand-name deodorant, toothpaste, anti-bacterial soap and shaving cream containing triclosan.

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