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You aren’t the only one… Mom’s tell-all in new survey

Would you rather get a good night’s sleep or have “mind-blowing sex”? According to a recent survey of over 26,000 moms by The TODAY Show and, over half of women would choose the beauty sleep! In the survey’s brutally honest results, Moms reveal some of their deepest secrets… the kind you wouldn’t admit at a play date. The confessions ranged from things moms do—like sending your child to school sick, almost half have done this—to things moms think—like wishing they could be 15 pounds thinner rather than adding 15 points to their child’s IQ, 44% of moms admitted to this secret desire.

By far the biggest take-away from the survey was moms’ admissions of feeling alone and overwhelmed by the pressures of parenting. But if so many moms are feeling overwhelmed we’re really not alone, it’s just a matter of bringing these most private thoughts to the surface and admitting to ourselves that parenting isn’t always easy. With more working moms than ever before, it’s especially important to be open and honest about the pressures, and the joys, of juggling the roles of wife, mother and career woman.  

And what better way to start a dialogue about the experiences of “doing it all” than through social media, where you can talk to moms all over the country! Maid Brigade and Mom Corps are teaming up to host a LIVE CHAT streaming on Facebook to do just that. Join a group of working women and mothers, including Maid Brigade’s Consumer Health Advocate Marie Stegner, as they talk about their own work/life balance…and how you can improve yours! Click here for more information and to register today!

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