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Keeping up the house is a LOT of work – that’s why so many people turn to Maid Brigade! When customers ask us for "power clean" tips they can do in between our cleaning visits we share these three “Power Clean” tools that really save time:


Microfiber. Scientifically woven to pick up more dust, dirt and germs than traditional cotton cloths or paper towels, they require little, if any, cleaning solution because they are so effective at cleaning mirrors, glass, counters, furniture dusting, etc. using water alone. They really save time – and money too!


Bucket.  Keep all your house cleaning supplies in one bucket, and keep one bucket on each floor of your home. You’ll be surprised how much time it saves when you don’t have to stop cleaning to retrieve supplies from another area or level of your home.


Cobwebber.  This handy tool telescopes so that you can quickly reach high places, low places and corners. The average home can be cobweb-free in just a few minutes with this tool. Don’t forget the front porch – this is where lasting first impressions about your housekeeping abilities are made first!