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Eleven years ago, when Robin Murphy couldn’t find a reliable cleaning service, she started her own.

And a few years after that, she cut out all harsh, toxic chemicals, including pneumonia and bleach, from the company’s cleaning products.

“Our clients’ satisfaction is integral to the success of our company,” Murphy said. “That’s why we use cleaning products and procedures that are safe for them, their families, their pets, their home and the environment. We take great pride in knowing that our cleaning teams are not exposed to harsh chemicals while they do their jobs. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Maid Brigade, a residential cleaning company, started out in Chappaqua and has been in Pleasantville for the past seven years. Next month, the company will move a third time, to Legion Drive in Valhalla.

“We’re a company that’s growing, and the new property suits our needs in terms of parking and space,” said husband Gary Murphy, who serves as the company’s “director of all things dirty.”

“We want to build equity and own some property.”

All of Maid Brigade’s cleaning products are “Green Seal” certified, meaning they are on a list of government-approved eco-friendly cleaning products.

“If you take bleach and pneumonia, which are effective cleaning tools, out of the maid’s hands, they still need to be able to do a good job,” Gary Murphy said.

The company uses melamine wedges, which he compared to Mr. Clean “magic erasers,” to clean mold and mildew.

Six months ago, Maid Brigade brought Eddie Cordero, a recycling specialist, on board to manage the company and make it more environmentally friendly.

Some procedural changes Cordero made include putting GPS units in all of the company’s 17 cars to save paper wasted on printing directions, recycling old computers and coat hangers, and eliminating the need for an outside uniform-washing service.

Cordero has also encouraged all 43 employees to watch “An Inconvenient Truth,” Al Gore’s movie about global warming.

As for the economic situation, Gary Murphy believes the company is well-positioned to ride out the storm.

“Our eco-friendly reputation is what keeps us in business,” he said.

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