Gerrie & John Chiarella Case Study

May 11, 2022

In the fall of 2008, Gerrie and John Chiarella opened their first Maid Brigade franchise in Clark County, Washington. While the couple had no prior franchise experience, they both had professional backgrounds in sales, business development and operations. Additionally, they were co-founders of two successful Napa Valley wine companies, which ultimately gave them the confidence and experience to open a Maid Brigade franchise. 
Initially, John was not keen on franchising because of the royalty aspect, but quickly learned that a good franchise with a good system can minimize many of the pitfalls non-franchise businesses face, making it worth the percentage of revenue.
After researching many different types of businesses from restaurants and care services to lab testing facilities and small manufacturing businesses, the Chiarellas were drawn to Maid Brigade for three main reasons: the lifestyle of a Monday through Friday business, the support from Maid Brigade’s home office and the community of franchisees who are willing to share information and ideas.
It took about two months for the Chiarellas to get their Maid Brigade franchise up and running. Growth was slower than expected as a result of opening during the recession; however, the pair weathered the storm and believes that it made their business stronger.  Since the opening, their sales have increased every month and they hit positive cash flow in just eight months.  The Chiarellas say their employee retention has been great; they’ve celebrated two employees’ one year anniversaries and have two more right around the corner!
The Chiarellas believe the training Maid Brigade provides is invaluable and helped prepare them for success. In fact, they continue to take advantage of Maid Brigade’s ongoing support by participating in their webinars and conference calls.
      To be in charge of their destiny and to build something of real value is what the Chiarellas say is the best part of owning a Maid Brigade. In the past, both Gerrie and John were victims of poor business decisions which dramatically affected their professional lives. Today, they are in control of making the decisions that are best for their family and their employees. The Chiarellas look forward to growing their business and experiencing continued success with Maid Brigade.

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