Maid Brigade Addresses the Gray Area of Green Online

May 11, 2022

ATLANTA – October 5, 2007 –, a site dedicated to informing
visitors about green living, launched today as part of a continued effort by Maid Brigade
to educate the public about the health benefits associated with green lifestyle choices in
general, and particularly green cleaning.

Maid Brigade, a national residential cleaning company, initially developed the site to
address the lack of clarity among the general public of what truly constitutes a “green”
cleaning and why it is important. Research conducted by the company revealed that of
the 2000-plus survey respondents, nearly half (48 percent) did not associate a green
lifestyle with promoting wellness/healthfulness and 51 percent did not associate it with
avoiding health hazards. Conversely 65 percent equate a green lifestyle with
environmental friendliness and 62 percent connect green to combating global warming.
Yet the primary motivator for purchasing green products and services in general is

“This disconnect suggests that the real need in the marketplace is to first help
consumers understand the association between green and health. Once consumers
make the connection, they can make more informed choices for their families,” says
Cloud Conrad, Maid Brigade’s Vice President of Marketing. “Ultimately, green cleaning is
one of these choices.”

Due to the research, the site evolved to promote the healthful aspects of green living
throughout the home, not just green cleaning. “We are committed to the health of our
customers and our employees. This site is not about selling our service. It’s about
providing information that consumers desperately need and helping to clear up
confusion in the marketplace”, says Conrad. is part of the company’s initiative to educate consumers in
ways they can make their homes more healthful for families and pets through green
practices. The web site is dedicated to sharing green living information with all members
of the community and provides tips on ways to incorporate green into the home, an
interactive quiz for visitors to test their green knowledge, facts and figures supporting
various green claims and ongoing commentary by Green Living expert and bestselling
author Annie Bond.

Bond answers readers’ questions and contributes to a regular feature column on green
living. Her first column blasts through the myths associated with green cleaning.

“The web is a great place to educate the public about green initiatives,” Bond says.
“While there are many sites devoted to the topic of green, Maid Brigade is doing the
public a great service by providing this valuable resource dedicated entirely to green
living. Even better, they also go into people’s home and help them live a healthy and
green lifestyle. I am proud to be a part of this.”

Should site visitors decide they want to begin green cleaning their home but don’t have
the time, the site provides information on Maid Brigade’s Green Clean Certified™
system. The company is the only national housecleaning service using cleaning
products certified by Green Seal, Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to
environmental standard setting, product certification and public education. Maid
Brigade’s Green Clean Certified system also uses equipment and processes that
conform to Green Seal’s cleaning service standards.

“We are accepting responsibility to lead our industry in developing, using and promoting
cleaning products and procedures that can reduce the harmful effects caused by
household cleaning,” Conrad said. “We are doing this to protect the health of the families
we serve, as well as the environment.”

The content on will be updated regularly to stay current with
green trends and provide visitors with up-to-date information on new green
developments and offerings. For additional information about,
use the “Contact Us” form located on the site, or call 1-888-79-GREEN.

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