Maid Brigade and Operation Homefront Announce Partnership To Support Military Families, Wounded Warriors

May 11, 2022

SANTA ANA, CA – Operation Homefront and Maid Brigade announced a new partnership
today to support military families in crisis by offering free cleaning service. With a mission to provide emergency assistance to troops, military families and wounded warriors, Operation Homefront anticipates many scenarios where Maid Brigade will make a genuine difference to military families.

Operation Homefront cited examples of wounded warriors not yet able to leave their bed, much less physically maintain a home; veterans waiting for their benefits to process who cannot afford professional services in the meantime; or a mother bedridden by pregnancy during her husband’s deployment. Maid Brigade franchises can assist with temporary cleaning services, providing invaluable help and alleviating the worries of a variety of service members and military families when a need arises.

The organizations have arranged a system whereby Operation Homefront will partner each franchisee with a local chapter or Operation Homefront’s national casework staff to make arrangements convenient to the franchisee and local needs. Once the agreement is made, the organizations will work collaboratively to promote the partnership through local media partners and the Operation Homefront Web site.

“We are grateful to have Maid Brigade as a national partner because there is so much they can do to help military families in especially unusual circumstances where no other resources are available,” said Meredith Leyva, founder of Operation Homefront. “We also appreciate Maid Brigade proactively developing a system to get their franchisees involved without imposing too much pressure. It’s an inspiring example to other franchise companies and a demonstration that Maid Brigade genuinely wants to make a difference.”

"These military personnel and their families have suffered a life-changing hardship through their military service, their sacrifices, and the injury or injuries sustained while on active duty. Now these soldiers must adjust to and cope with physical limitations that make so many things we take for granted difficult – and everyone in their family is impacted in the process,” explained Don Hay, chairman of Maid Brigade. “We are proud to donate housecleaning service, as a meaningful contribution to the rehabilitation of these families."

Maid Brigade and Operation Homefront were brought together by the Department of Defense program America Supports You, which recognizes citizens’ support for our military men and women and communicates that support to members of our Armed Forces at home and abroad. America Supports You is known for matching corporate partners with the appropriate military charity who fits the company’s goals, offerings, and desire to help. More information on how companies can support military troops and families may be found at

“Maid Brigade’s offer to provide complimentary cleaning services to military families, coupled with Operation Homefront’s network of military families in need, is a shinning example of the America Supports You mission,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Allison Barber, architect of the America Supports You program. “Companies across the country continue to contact America Supports You to ask how they can help support our troops, and, based on the products and/or services the company offers, we take great pleasure in directing them to our nearly 240 grassroots organizations.”

About Operation Homefront &
What is today Operation Homefront began in 2001 as a military spouse-generated idea. In
response to the shortcoming of support for the families of deployed service members, members (military wives and women in uniform) created the project that
has evolved into a major nonprofit charity serving 26 military communities in 25 states. Today operates as a program as part of the nonprofit Operation Homefront family. From a good idea, to a great organization, Operation Homefront understands and takes care of the needs of the military community.

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