Maid Brigade Establishes Authority as Green Advocate with Green Clean TV(TM) Launch

May 11, 2022

ATLANTA – April 21, 2008 – Maid Brigade, a national residential cleaning company,
strengthens its authority as a green advocate through the launch of a series of educational web casts about green living. The series pinpoints hidden dangers found in the home generated by cleaning products and other indoor air pollutants. The company enlisted the help of Green Living expert Annie Bond to educate people nationwide about the health risks associated with common household products and what people can do to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Maid Brigade developed the web casts to continue its educational efforts to take the “gray area” out of green cleaning. The company launched the Green Clean Certified™ system in 2007 and was the first national house cleaning service to use products certified by Green Seal, a nonprofit organization devoted to environmental standard setting, product certification and public education. Maid Brigade is the only service that has patterned its cleaning process after Green Seal’s standards for commercial cleaning.

“Green is a popular topic right now, but our focus has always been about caring for our
customers, employees and the environment,” said Cloud Conrad, Maid Brigade’s Vice President of Brand Strategies. “We are committed to delivering information about green living to the public, in addition to providing eco-friendly services, so people nationwide can make their homes safer.”

Maid Brigade produced three web casts that cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Common triggers of asthma and allergies found in the home
  • Common symptoms people may experience if toxins are in the home
  • Helpful tips to improve indoor air quality and incorporate "green" into each room of the home
  • Advice on green cleaning practices that save water, energy and money
  • Suggestions of alternative cleaning solutions to use around small children and pets in place of toxic cleaners.

“Our hope it to reach the masses through our web casts and shed some light on an area that many people are still unaware of,” Conrad says. “We all know people who suffer from some of the conditions we outline in our web casts. Our intent is to make more people aware of what may be causing these symptoms in their home and how they can protect their loved ones and pets.”

A Green Advocacy Partnership
Maid Brigade commissioned Annie Bond, a nationally-recognized green living expert and
bestselling author, to host the web cast series. Bond is a proven expert in the area of green and has been educating people on the topic for more than 20 years. She teamed up with Maid Brigade in 2007 to help the company increase awareness of its Green Clean Certified™ system and green living overall.

In addition to hosting the series, Bond applied her own expertise in the area and explains her personal experience with chemical poisonings that forced her to adopt a green lifestyle.

“As someone who is personally devoted to the cause of green living, I know firsthand how many people are becoming sick because of elements in their home,” says Bond. “I am pleased to continue working with Maid Brigade to help spread awareness of what we all can do to protect not only the environment, but ourselves.”

To further its educational initiative, Maid Brigade is taking Bond on the road. She is speaking at events nationwide about the health benefits and other aspects of green living that many people are not aware of and may be surprised to learn. She is also interacting with event attendees one-on-one, along with local Maid Brigade franchisees, to discuss the environmental and health benefits of the Green Clean CertifiedTM system.

A Cause for Action
After learning from the Environmental Protection Agency that indoor air quality can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air Maid Brigade has invested a lot of time and resources researching the most effective green cleaning products, equipment and procedures to incorporate into the Green Clean Certified™ system. During that process the company realized how harmful certain cleaning practices and chemicals can be and decided to take action. Maid Brigade has played an active role educating their customers, employee and the general public about green cleaning since 2007 through its work with Bond and by developing, a site dedicated to green living.

A recent scientific field study concluded that Maid Brigade’s Green Clean Certified™ system removed three times more particulate matter in the home than leading competitors. Additionally, the vacuums used by the company remove 99.9 percent of particles in the air that cause the most concern for triggering asthma and allergic reactions.

“I commend Maid Brigade doing their due diligence to develop a truly green cleaning system,” Bond says. “But I give them even more credit for caring enough to implement this educational initiative. I hope that our efforts reach enough people to make a difference.”

The web casts and additional information about Maid Brigade’s green advocacy and Annie Bond are available on and

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