Maid Brigade of Tampa Bay is Cleaning Green for Health

Maid Brigade of Tampa Bay is Cleaning Green for Health
Company enlists Green Living expert Annie Bond to promote total cleaning system using Green Seal certified products, as well as equipment and processes meeting Green Seal standards.
TAMPA – Maid Brigade, a national residential cleaning company, launched its Green
Clean Certified® system in April 2007. Maid Brigade of Tampa Bay is proud to be
certified through Maid Brigade’s Green Clean Certified program which uses cleaning
products certified by Green Seal, Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to environmental standard setting, product certification and public education. Maid Brigade’s Green Clean Certified system also uses equipment and processes that conform to Green Seal’s cleaning service standards.
According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air inside the
home is, on average, two to five times more polluted than the outdoor environment. In
extreme cases the air can be 100 times more contaminated, largely because of household cleaners and pesticides. When Maid Brigade learned of these staggering figures, the company felt a huge responsibility to help improve the air quality in customers’ homes by changing its cleaning products and systems.
“The decision to offer a green cleaning service was driven by our commitment to our
customers and our employees,” said Howard Purdy, Maid Brigade’s Vice President of Operations. “We performed our due diligence to research the best green products and practices, and incorporate those into our complete green cleaning system.”
By eliminating the use of harsh, toxic chemicals that can cause pollution in the home and damage to the environment, Maid Brigade delivers a green cleaning that promotes a healthier home environment and minimizes the impact to the ecosystem. “The Green Clean Certified system provides a thorough and consistent home cleaning that is just as, if not more effective, than traditional house cleaning methods. Our customers as well as our cleaning teams have noticed a remarkable difference in not only the cleanliness, but how they feel after a Maid Brigade green cleaning,” states Carrie Knight, owner of Maid Brigade of Tampa Bay.

Green Clean Certified
Maid Brigade was the first national residential cleaning company committed to green
cleaning. In advance of an established government or third party green cleaning standard for the residential cleaning industry, Maid Brigade has developed its own Green Clean Certified system, patterned on Green Seal’s standard for the commercial cleaning industry wherever applicable. Green Seal has initiated a product eco-labeling program that sets the standard for environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and identifies them as such. In addition to using Green Seal certified cleaning solutions and processes, Maid Brigade’s vacuums are certified through the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Label Program meeting stringent standards for soil removal, dust containment and carpet appearance. Maid Brigade’s system also eliminates cross-contamination of surfaces and prevents the transfer of bacteria from room to room. By using microfiber cloths and mops instead of cotton or paper, along with concentrated cleaning solutions, Maid Brigade reduces solid waste, lessening environmental impact.
Each Maid Brigade franchise must complete the company’s formal certification process before adopting the company’s proprietary Green Clean Certified System. The process includes proper training with the products, processes and equipment and educating all cleaning staff.
“We researched green cleaning and tested our system in several different franchise
offices, cleaning hundreds of customer homes for seven months before launching our certification process. Our franchisees are fully behind our decision to provide a green cleaning service,” Purdy said. “We all agree that our Green Clean Certified System is better for us, our customers and the environment.”

Educating the Public through an Expert
Research conducted by Maid Brigade revealed that nearly 60 percent of more than 2000 survey respondents would use a green cleaning service, citing health and wellness as the primary reason. However, more than 70 percent of participants had the false perception that green cleaning is more expensive and less efficient than using traditional products. To help educate its consumers and the overall public about green cleaning, Maid Brigade has teamed up with nationally acclaimed author and Green Living expert, Annie B. Bond. Bond is considered an authoritative voice on the natural lifestyle and was recently been named one of the "Top 20 Environmental Leaders" by Body & Soul Magazine. “Many consumers do not realize what to look for when selecting green products or services and are unaware of the potential toxins in their home,” Bond said. “Through my relationship with Maid Brigade, I hope to help more people understand the positive aspects of green cleaning.” Bond will serve as Maid Brigade’s spokesperson throughout 2007, conducting interviews and making appearances on the company’s behalf. She is also serving as a resource to the company, providing counsel on consumer education materials and consulting with franchisees as they incorporate their Green Clean Certified System in all Maid Brigade offices.

About Maid Brigade
Headquartered in Atlanta, Maid Brigade is a global residential cleaning service with more than 400 franchised service areas operating in the United States, Canada and Ireland. Established in 1979, Maid Brigade remains at the forefront of the residential cleaning industry, commanding a healthy and growing market share every year since its inception. Customers depend on Maid Brigade to consistently exceed their expectations, providing a safe and thorough cleaning, along with superior, guaranteed service.
For more information, visit: or call 813-932-9777.

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