Women Concerned About Infectious Disease and Cross Contamination of Germs Within Their Homes

May 11, 2022

ATLANTA—Roughly half of women worry about cross-contamination of germs when cleaning and lack confidence that their home is sanitary, according to a new survey conducted by Maid Brigade and Mom Corps. More than 1,000 women between the ages of 25 and 64 were polled in the second annual survey regarding their attitudes about housework, infectious disease and ‘doing it all well.’

Despite elevated concerns about the safety and health of their home environments, a full 51.4 percent of total respondents cite enjoyment and relaxation or “cleaning for appearance” as the greatest motivator for a clean home. Only 27.8 percent of total respondents say a ‘healthy safe environment’ is their primary motivator for a clean home. 

There also appears to be a lack of connection between these infectious disease concerns and respondents’ definitions, expectations and priorities of a clean home. ‘Absence of germs’ ranks in the middle of the pack (fourth among eight terms) as the best definition of a clean home. Respondents assign medium priority (fourth among six) to a germ-free home as the most important aspiration for their home. In addition, less than one in three women surveyed understand proper disinfection cleaning methods that are used by green household cleaning services.

The data suggests consumers may not view the home as an exposure point for sickness or health risks even though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that indoor environments may be two to five times more polluted than the outdoors. There is also a lack of understanding regarding the effect many chemical-based cleaning supplies and ordinary cleaning equipment can have on allergies and asthma. Furthermore, there is little awareness for green cleaning as a strategy to reduce risks of exposure.

To help consumers become aware of invisible asthma and allergy triggers in their homes and how to help minimize the impact on their families’ health, Maid Brigade has released its latest asthma and allergy video. Visit www.greencleancertified.com/greentv to learn more.

About Maid Brigade
With more than 25 years of experience, Maid Brigade is the national leader in green cleaning practices and has a longstanding legacy of offering the latest in maid services and technologies. The company is the first and only Green Clean Certified® cleaning services franchise that implements a certification program for green house cleaning so customers know that they’re getting a green cleaning that is safe and truly green. For more information visit maidbrigade.com.

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Mom Corps is a leading, rapidly growing national staffing and search firm with 15 franchise offices located throughout major cities in the United States.  Mom Corps matches companies that value the use of flexible talent in their overall staffing mix with top-tier, experienced professionals — many of whom are working mothers — not found through traditional employment channels. Mom Corps works with many of the nation’s leading Fortune 500 companies, small to mid-size businesses, academic institutions, and non-profits to find qualified candidates for flexible positions that include part-time, full-time flex, contract and temporary work arrangements. For more information visit momcorps.com.

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