At home allergy treatments

Dealing with dust allergies is a battle that affects many people, especially during the spring. To win the battle you need strategies that will help reduce the triggers in your home. Creating safe spaces where your lungs can “rest” is the key. Allergists refer to our immune system as a bucket that fills up over time. When our buckets become

How to Clean Stove Drip Pans and Hood

There are some cleaning tasks we just don’t want to even think about doing! One of these jobs is cleaning the drip pan liners on the stove.  These liners can become extremely dirty with built up food and can be extremely difficult to clean. Food that gets dropped or spilled down there then becomes “fused on” due to the heat

How to clean a clogged drain, the GREEN way

Clogged drains start off slowly with water taking just a touch longer than usual to go down the drain. Then one day the water stops moving. Hair and soap scum will slow down the water flow almost without notice. It’s best to address a slow moving drain before it becomes completely clogged so you aren’t dealing with a broken pipe