Random acts of kindness affect the body and mind

A grateful sigh of relief, a warm handshake, a caring pat on the back, a generous hug, a happy smile, an appreciative “Thank you”.   These powerful gestures are all responses that make us feel uplifted after an act of kindness was done.

We’ve all felt it at least once in our lives – that warm, inspiring feeling we get [...]

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5 Fun Ways to Express Gratitude in Your Relationship

with thanksgiving just days away, hopefully you are not only getting excited about eating three times the caloric recommendation but also taking a moment to express gratitude.

“thanks” and “giving” are both vital pieces to marriage and really all relationships. in fact i would go so far as to say that thankfulness and giving are essential to a healthy soul. [...]

17 fun (and cheap) Autumn dates

i am not sure about you, but when the air turns crisp and the leaves start to turn into gold and red, i get giddy. there is a feeling of coziness and the overwhelming urge to buy flannel, not to mention pumpkin spice everything. autumn is one of my absolute favorite seasons in which to nurture a healthy soul [...]

9 Ways to Remain Sane with a Newborn

becoming a new parent is no joke and not an easy task. you are constantly tested, consistently tired and continuously changing diapers. it is flat out hard, for both of you.

i used to shake my head when people us to tell us things like, “no matter what you do you can’t prepare yourselves for children.” now…i completed understand what [...]