Holiday stain guide

Holiday stains are like little presents no one intended to give you. But don’t stress, we’ve got a stain guide that will help you get through the holidays – stress and stain free. Download it free, then post it in your laundry room so it will be at your fingertips if there’s a fumble.

Happy Holidays, from Maid Brigade!


This infographic [...]

How to clean table linens

October marks the start of the entertaining season. Nothing makes entertaining easier than having all your tablecloths, table runners and cloth napkins cleaned and ready for use.  Knowing how to clean table linens and store them correctly is the key.


Start by knowing exactly what material your table linens are. Fifty years ago you could assume your table cloth [...]

Post-holiday cleanup: LATER is NOW

Oosouji is the Japanese tradition of cleaning up and getting ready for the new year.  When translated it means the “big clean”.  The Japanese actually spend their New Year’s Eve cleaning their home to get it ready for the incoming new year. (These are people after my own heart.)

Let’s do an American version of oosouji for our homes.  Nothing [...]

Holiday Stain Removal Primer

Along with the season’s cheer come some nasty holiday stains.  Whether it’s a tiny spill on a guest’s new dress or an oily mess on your heirloom table cloth, having the basics at hand will help you get through the holiday stain season. Read this now and add any stain removal items on your last grocery list before the [...]

Preventing food-borne illness at home

Every year, 1 in 6 Americans get sick from food-borne illnesses. These illnesses, also called food poisoning, also send about 128,000 people to the hospital, resulting in about 3,000 deaths nationwide each year.

Bottom line ~ food-borne illness can be more serious than we think.

Causes of food poisoning are mostly microorganisms, like viruses or bacteria. And although many of these [...]

Final Week: Holiday Cleaning Countdown

20 – Day Challenge
The 20-Day Challenge is in the home stretch – and your home is looking better each day. In the FINAL WEEK of our holiday cleaning countdown, we focus on the kitchen.

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, everyone ends up congregating in the kitchen. And some of your friends will want to help [...]


What? There’s less than two weeks until the holidays? If you find yourself not fully prepared and feeling stressed about your TO DO lists, stop! The holidays aren’t supposed to cause stress. In fact, they don’t. People cause stress. And if you’re that kind of people, you need a dose of Simpli-fa-la-la. Simplify your giving, your shopping, your trappings [...]

Holiday Cleaning Hacks

During the holiday season nothing stresses people out more than cleaning up for guests. Short on time? Use these holiday cleaning “hacks” to get your home ready in a jiffy.

Only clean what’s dirty – As pros we are programmed for thoroughness but with a jiffy clean we are intentionally finding ways to cut corners. When you’re in a  hurry, [...]