Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Hacks

Microfiber was developed in Japan during the 70’s for swimwear. Ten years later, European scientists found that it was the perfect fabric for cleaning due to its absorbency.  By the early 2000s, the microfiber industry had exploded.  Even though microfiber has been around for decades, there are many who have yet to try cleaning with microfiber tools. Take a look

Microfiber for cleaning – what’s the big deal?

For the past twenty years I've been sharing the incredible value of microfiber for cleaning. But there are still people who don’t know about this “miracle” for their household cleaning, and if you're one, keep reading.  Microfiber can clean any surface with just water and leave it free from dirt, grease, smears, streaks or lint. It’s a great option when

Holiday Cleaning Hacks

During the holiday season nothing stresses people out more than cleaning up for guests. Short on time? Use these holiday cleaning “hacks” to get your home ready in a jiffy. Only clean what’s dirty – As pros we are programmed for thoroughness but with a jiffy clean we are intentionally finding ways to cut corners. When you're in a  hurry,