5 Fun Ways to Express Gratitude in Your Relationship

with thanksgiving just days away, hopefully you are not only getting excited about eating three times the caloric recommendation but also taking a moment to express gratitude. “thanks” and “giving” are both vital pieces to marriage and really all relationships. in fact i would go so far as to say that thankfulness and giving are essential to a healthy soul.

17 fun (and cheap) Autumn dates

i am not sure about you, but when the air turns crisp and the leaves start to turn into gold and red, i get giddy. there is a feeling of coziness and the overwhelming urge to buy flannel, not to mention pumpkin spice everything. autumn is one of my absolute favorite seasons in which to nurture a healthy soul and

7 Sentences to Enhance Your Relationship

we can agree that when it comes to relationships, it truly is the small gestures that make the most significant impact. sure, jewelry or flowers are nice sometimes but i find that it is the every day moments that continue to build the connection between myself and my husband. we have started incorporating these sentences into our conversations (both in

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